Why is it important to eat healthy?

Be sure that with the eighteen it is easy to look good even you do not eat healthy. Then we can talk about being young. If you look good with 30 eating unhealthy…we speak of genetics. BUT when you start year after year continuously eat unhealthy, it will inevitably reflect on your face and body. You may not notice the outward signs immediately, but you will certainly feel tired and lifeless, not to mention all diseases that threaten us. After a time, all together. The point is not to be super thin, it is too improve your outlook, have more energy, and stabilize your mood.

Nutrition is a big habit.

Like almost everything in life. Some habits came because we want them and some unconsciously. Try to fulfill your life with good habits!

Will it sound strange when I say that I have never been on a diet and I have never fallen asleep hungry?

What I soon realized was that it’s not important HOW MUCH you eat but WHAT you eat.

Also, I never count calories. Maybe at the beginning, it’s important to you, but when you get use to eat healthy and avoid critical errors in your nutrition, you will not be concerned about that anymore.

The most important thing, I never skipped meals! When you skip meals, you just create anxiety and bring danger to overeat. Therefore, in the day have at least 5-6 servings.
Both pregnancies I was eating more than usual, all gained weight for only 8-10 kg. I did not get stretch marks; even my skin wasn’t critical relaxed after birth. 15 days after both births, I almost looked like before pregnancy. For your physical strength but also for the psyche is not good to starve. So forget the diet where you have to starve. For me, there is no rule to eat only till 6-8 PM. When I’m hungry, I can eat at 10 pm. I’m not vegan and vegetarian. I just eat what is the best of all nutrition possibilities.
If I want to explain my nutrition in two sentences let’s say:

The point is that I avoid processed, refined foods and I believe in intuitive eating.
I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, fish, white meat, and nuts.

My awareness of healthy nutrition occurred in the early twenties, but I did not know all the details, so you can easily make mistakes. I was always wearing dress size 34-36! Last ten years, I don’t think too much about healthy nutrition because it’s just a habit, like normal living.
What is the best of all, when you eat healthy daily, then there is no problem to “cheat” and eat dinners or unhealthy food sometimes…

I do not exclude carbohydrates from my nutrition; I just pick one as I find them in nature.

I love to eat…and it is the truth for everybody, correct?! I also like to cook dinners! The key is eating them not every day, only once in a while…so YES you can regularly eat with your friends. Yes, if you eat healthy every day, then you can afford to loose on weekends, on holidays … without feeling guilty!

So if you want some answers why is it important to eat healthily and what benefits you got from it, here they are:

  • Eating healthy can help you avoid excess weight gain and maintain a healthy weight. Eating a healthy can lead to a better physique, better mood. You may feel better about your appearance, and it can boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Eating healthy, you reduce the risk of cholesterol and high blood pressure, so you are decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can prevent some illnesses such as diabetes, certain types of cancer, depression.
  • Eating healthy your body has the fuel that it needs to manage your energy level.
  • When you practice healthy habits, you increase the chance for a longer life.
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