Spend quality time with your children

The time you spend with your child, as well as the habits that children acquire, is crucial and leaves a mark on their future.

Have you ever heard ” It’s Not About The Quantity But The Quality Of Time?”

Time spent with children is important, but we are all faced with job and children have their activities when school starts, so you don’t have enough time! So yes, it is an imperative how you spend time with your children, let it be quality time!

Remember your childhood, everything what you rejoiced and what you missed. I do not mean material things, which you can eliminate immediately!
Think how you liked spending time and did you missed something in your childhood.

Today in this bustle of the working week and the lack of free time with which almost all of us face, we need to know how to take advantage of every precious moment with our children.

It is not only important to them, but this is also important to you too because time will fly during their childhood, they will come to puberty and grow up ..and you won’t have opportunities to spend time as you could with them in childhood.

What do we mean by quality? This should be a time where you will be devoted to children, during which you will spend your time and energy to them. The time in which the children will enjoy and be happy (of course you too), but it also develops positive qualities of the child, and that it ennoble your child, teach them positive values of life, it is good for their physical and psychological development.
Through time spent with them develop their intelligence, especially emotional intelligence.

Therefore, first and foremost, forget shopping centers, shopping and all material things with which you want to make your children happy.

Currently, it is going to make them happy, but in the long run, you will have spoiled, manipulative child who would constantly force you to buy more and more. Besides purchasing spending time in closed Trading centers is one of the poorer. Sometimes it is necessary and inevitable: shopping is best carried out during the week, and when the weather is not good. Weekends spend on you and your loved.
If you have a house with its courtyard, you can do much easier to organize quality time!

Here are some examples of how to spend quality time with your children:

1. Playtime

Take some time and play with your child. Act, dance, sing. Children are very fond of imitative play. You can always throw it in daily activities. If you can not take free time just to play with your child, do it while cooking, ironing, you can always use a creative and fun way to communicate with your child. Let it be spontaneous. Talk about what your child is curious and it currently occupies. How much time permits, get organized, be creative and create some crafts with your child.

2. Reading before bedtime

This is my favorite time when I can read in peace, spread out next to him at the end of the day. We both relax and enjoy and cuddle! Of course, this is not the only time to read to your child! Also, keep a separate shelf in your apartment on which will be only children’s books always available to your child, and you while reading, encourage your child to do the same. Keep your bedtime reading as a habit that you do not miss ever!

3. Pre-planned weekend

The working week passes quickly, so weekend comes also. Sometimes you will be able to organize spontaneously, but with children, some events – you will need to plan ahead.
Birthdays, casual lunches with family, going out into nature, in a museums, parks, etc.

4. Nature, nature, and nature

Should not be specifically noted what a boon is a nature. Try to be sure to spend a nice time in nature. Get dressed casually, store food for a picnic and enjoy! You will take a break from stress. Children also. Children spend the accumulated energy in the game and running. Implant love for nature at an early age. Don’t waste you and your children weekends sitting at a computer in an enclosed space.

5. Language learning through play

It is not unknown that foreign language is easiest to learn at an early age. Let it be fun and creative. Through play, songs, learn! If your children are using a computer, let them hear and watch songs in a foreign language. Repeat throughout the day and translate them. Spontaneously during the day through various activities, learn and repeat a variety of things, phenomena around you, events …For example “It’s a rainy day.” “Good night.” “I love you. “Wash your hands.” “This is a dinosaur.”

Remember this:

“You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once.” (Polish proverb)

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