How to make cleaning less boring and how to fasten it?

Cleaning generally is not something we do gladly unless we’re talking about compulsive cleaners.
A messy house is a reflection or your laziness or depression. Think about what your problem is and fix it. You can do it!
When we talk about cleaning the big difference is whether you live in an apartment or in a large house. Do you have somebody who is cleaning and tidying up your staff? Or you want to save your privacy, money, or you tried but you weren’t satisfied.

There are two things that we need to take care:
how to better clean up our home in less time,
and how to do something useful for yourself while cleaning?

How to clean up in less possible time is a matter of good organization and our personal abilities and training. Remember yourself at the beginning of “career” housewives?

Battery vacuum cleaner & steam cleaner

What can make cleaning and living easier are primarily the use of home appliances!
So every woman, especially mother with small children should have a battery vacuum cleaner designed to be used on bare floors and rugs, but it can also tackle carpet. You can easy clean your home without boring cables. Buy one with an, at least, 20-volt lithium battery. If you do not mind about buzzing around the house, you can use a good vacuum cleaner robot – domestic robot, but it doesn’t clean the whole room and usually can not enter under drawers, sofas, beds.

Mother of little babies who are crawling around the house should have a steam cleaner. Then you don’t have to use toxic detergents. Floor cleaning is not fast enough as I want it to be. But it’s good for degreasing surfaces, so if you do not regularly clean kitchen surfaces, you will need to use it occasionally. The fastest way to clean your floor is to use a wet cloth on which you’ll punch a hole and perch it on a broom. That way you can clean your home in few minutes.
How many times a week to clean, is a personal matter of will and choice. Organize yourself to clean the kitchen every day, toilets 2-3 times a week, dust and windows every 7-10 days, and general cleaning once a month – an expansion of furniture, vacuuming, washing.
The dishwasher is a must have. During a day you can collect the dishes and in the evening when electricity is cheaper, you may turn on the dishwasher. The must have is washing machine and clothes dryer, so when it’s raining and cold, be sure to use the dryer.

If you have older children, motivate them to clean essential things, especially their rooms. Let your husband help as much as possible. Teach family members to clean up; the most important is to make their beds, to store their clothes in the wardrobe, let them help take out the trash, prepare dishes in the dishwasher. All these are one of easiest actions that will help you greatly.

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