Why is it important to live healthy and how can I live healthy?

Eating healthy is only one segment of healthy living. Avoiding vices such as drugs, smoking, alcohol are other segments of healthy living. Exercise is one segment of healthy living. But when we actually can say that we live healthy?

When we treat our BODY and SOUL the best we can, then we can talk about healthy living.

A healthy nutrition is not the only thing that makes our life quality better. It is essential, but not the only one. Our inner peace and happiness are the reason why we shine or slowly deteriorate. Stress and grief are so dangerous feelings in our lives without even knowing it.

It is much easier to eat healthy and to give up all vices than to stop stressing yourself out.

It needs practice. You need to change, it’s all about you, about changing yourself! It’s all about better attitude and being positive.

I will not tell you stories about the “secret” and “the power of attraction”  and what you imagine – you’ll have it. Yes, it is true that a positive attitude can do wonders when we are ill,  positive attitudes take us out of the deathly disease. I know exactly from my own experience when I was negative and uncertain, that happened consecutive only bad things, when I was positive; things were solved by themselves.

It is not about which god you pray. That may help you feel better.

But your positive attitude can give you more you can imagine. And yes, you will not, therefore, be deprived of the disease, nor millions will fall from the sky, but if some misfortune happens to you,  it is easier to overcome it if you’re positive. If you desire for a success, with a positive attitude, it is easier to succeed!

If I knew that when I was twenty, I would save myself from lots of stress.

I do not need to specify how much is important to avoid all the bad things, I mean all bad things that can currently distract you from stress – for example, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other addictions! If you’re a gambler, addicted to pornography … insatiable shopaholics etc .. short-lived pleasures will solve the current stress, but you will eventually come across a lot more problems that will move you away from reality and your loved ones!

Get rid of stress with your positive attitude, hobbies; music, dancing, jogging, yoga, your creativity, writing, painting … hiking, swimming etc. Find positive and inexpensive way to get rid of your stress!

If you have children, be sure they experience much more stress you can imagine. Something is absurd to you, for them, it’s terrified. Do you remember your childhood? In the beginning for example with the arrival of another child in the family, then while attending kindergarten, school, and college; with every task, every bad word, every exam, every unrequited love – they have a huge stress. So be patient with your children, give them love. Cuddle them – you will not spoil them cuddling,  raise them self-confidence whenever possible because it can bring them happier life.

When violence is involved in family, or some parents have their vices, if parents are not with children and do not raise them, if parents are divorced, this is leaving huge scars and not everyone can get over that, and it is always  returning in life.

Because of positive attitude, from an early age, as soon as possible, implant children living priorities and spare them from at least part of the stress so they can  later easily grow into a quality person.

So asap live healthy to be happy!!!

Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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