My quick, healthy dessert with apples

Since I have a sweet tooth, I will share with you a few quick and healthy recipes. One of the favorites is this my recipe with apples. I like to eat it all year round, but it’s best in summer.
It is very refreshing, filling and healthy. Apple has enough natural sugar to make a delicious dessert, a rise satiety index is high so you will feel full after you eat it. It is perfect for a snack.
Eat organic apples; it ‘s not healthy anymore if you eat apples full of pesticides.
As you know, bandwidth peel apples are large, so this fruit usually contains a big amount of pesticides.

You need:
25 decagramme of brown rice
1.5 kilogram of organic apples
cinnamon (1-2 spoons)
Stevia sweetener that has 0 calories

You can sweeten it with agave syrup or with anything (like me) because apples are sweet enough.

Preparation is very simple.
Cut apples into small cubes or mix it with a blender if you want to fasten the process.
Brown rise cook around 30- 40 minutes. Halfway through cooking, add the apples and cook until everything is connected. Finally, add cinnamon and possibly sweetener. You can also add raisins. At the top, you can decorate with cream. Pour into bowls and refrigerate for several hours. Good appetite!

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