Mom’s Kitchen restoration; Painting Kitchen Cabinets

This is a restoration of the kitchen in my mother’s apartment. We were thinking about buying a new kitchen, but the combination of nice elements + bar + equipment were too expensive.

This old and unsightly 30 years old kitchen is, in fact, a very good quality and with cabinets made of solid wood. That’s why we started the restoration. Carpenter took apart the kitchen. In one carpenter’s workshop, we ordered a beautiful worktop that looks like quartz marble. There is wooden corner element and one kitchen cabinet added. One cabinet is also opened and glass I added. We ordered a blurred glass with the nice pattern. The wooden part of the hood is adapted. Everything else is the same. Of course; we replaced the floor and wall tiles.

old woden kitchen restoration
So, I was the painter, of course; it was relaxation for me.

After we took kitchen cabinets, they were well cleaned and polished with sandpaper. Mom preferred vanilla color with shine. I would choose the mat if you ask me and white color, but this vanilla color fit the space too. For the outer surface, I used the Ultratop white. Enough layers; 4-5. It made me really exhausted, it dried slowly and had quite a smell. However, we achieved the great and rustic look with shine. On the inside surface I used Swingcolor, the foreground color (2 hands). Swincolor water lacquer is perfect color; it covers great, but you can see the rings.
Ultratop boje

Swingcolor 2 in 1

After I did a painting job; we welcomed new appliances.

There is beautiful Gorenje rustic wall oven (Slovenian production), Faber hood – Faber Inca Plus Hip x A52, one of the best Beko Built dishwasher. The cooktop is built-in Electrolux EGE6172NOK. There are two tables for electric power and two for gas; like mother wanted. The sink is popular Blanco champagne color. Here are the details as taps; decorative lights, rustic handles…

Hope you’ll like it! This is ideal for those old wooden kitchens that have nice cabinets, but they are too dark, so you want to lighten them or painted them a different color; to refresh and open the space.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen restoration

Gorenje rustic oven

Painting Kitchen Bar

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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Mom’s Kitchen restoration; Painting Kitchen Cabinets
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