Is beauty overrated?

Is beauty overrated?

Simply yes.

Most people are superficial. And most people are attracted to all which stands out from its surroundings.

And all that stands out in the environment has changed with time.
As the nineties appreciated natural beauties such as Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, now came new trends. At the end of the nineties, Pamela Anderson has introduced a new concept of beauty that again changed over time. She was a new sexiest version of Bridgitte Bardot. Try to compare it to Kate Moss.
While nature is something that will never get old or be old-fashioned; beauty, architecture, clothes, shoes, certainly are subject to be fashionable and trendy.

How many fashion trends affect us is unbelievable. But what is current grotesque for us, after a while we get used to it and it becomes normal… if not even attractive.

Here’s an example. In my twenties, I used permanent false eyelashes extensions and I was very pleased. After a while, I pulled them out, and finally, my natural eyelashes grew again. When I look at those old pictures with permanent false eyelashes, they looked too artificial and later I have been repulsive to them when I saw them in other women’s eyes. However, it becomes a new trend now, and I started to like them again, I tempted to put them back, but I did not because I knew all that bad consequences that permanent false eyelashes do to my eyes and eyelashes, as I passed something similar with my hair extensions. So I put false eyelashes only for special occasions.

Am I a hypocrite, or simply pliable?
Do trends affect me? Surely!
So it is the same with a woman’s beauty. New trends like large buttocks, breasts, narrow noses, full lips, and prominent cheeks.
Yes, these girls would be scoffed a few years ago, but today it is a new trend that is infatuated young girls and if they have money and ability, there would change herself completely.
Media should be blamed a lot because they are representing too much nudity and extremes, and what becomes attractive is exactly what the media present.
I met young and often beautiful girls who are really suffering.
Their peers, still immature guys are wanting and whimpering to those “perfect” girls that media presents online, girls with a bunch of processed photos and a lot of surgeries.
Are they all beautiful? I would not say that. But that look is outstanding. Stands out from its surroundings. It is sexual. Attracted to men who are apparently more superficial than women. Yes, there are some men who are not fun of such an appearance.

Ok, the conclusion is that beauty is definitely overrated because talking to a lot of male friends who were trying to start a relationship with certain ladies, I know that they have crossed out few of them for a pure reason because she missed bigger breasts or needed a little weight loss. They gave up the search for the perfect compatible partner because of their carelessness. It is similar in different sex, but for women, man’s appearance is not a priority, but waiting for Mr. Perfect or perfect circumstances, lots of them are missing an opportunity to give chance to a good man who’s lack is only “The real woman” to become the greatest one.

Ok, beauty is overrated, you accept that, but It doesn’t mean that you can be fat or unkempt.

The point do not need to forcefully follow new trends or to be completely fenced, you do not need to look like clones like today most women do, but you need to take care of yourself and your health, appearance, cultivate and eat healthy – to be happy!

Beauty is overrated, causing rivalry among women and pushing the boundaries with men. Beauty brings a number of problems; jealousy, unrequited love, insinuations at work, at college. It is not easy to be beautiful and it is not easy as people are so superficial … That’s for sure.

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