Illamasqua False Eye Lashes

I do not know how it is around you, but around me – all women get crazy about artificial eyelashes.

Since I tried them in my early twenties ( eyelash extensions); although I like them very much, it is difficult to decide to put them again, since they quite destroyed my natural eyelashes.

My natural eyelashes are very beautiful when I put mascara, so it’s not a big difference. Fo me, it is too accentuated to see eyelashes daily; but it is now the fashion. I tried a few brands, including the Artdeco. Everything seemed Too dramatic for me.

These illamasqua false eyelashes 19 are really unique, fine, elegant; wearable daily and the nightly. And best of all, you can remove them and clean them easy, so you don’t have that heavy feeling in your eyes like you have when you put eyelash extensions.

It is really easy to use them. When you put glue, you have to wait 30 seconds before sticking them. I use Eyebrow Tweezers and fingers to stick them well. They last whole day/night on your eyes.

For evening look, I suggest eyelashes with more mascara:




For daily look I suggest only slight touch with mascara:


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