About me

I’m Linda!

First of all, I’m a mother in her beautiful thirties, and then I’m a preschool teacher, attorney (jurist), artist, singer, violinist, philosopher, deeply in love with nature, enthusiast, an adventurer who loves to travel!

My adventure spirit is now adapted to the fact that I am a mommy, so traveling is now different, but you can’t imagine how great it can be to travel with babies! I enjoy living healthy and to cook healthy!

I’m not promoting “perfect” life ; of course that my life is not perfect like nobodies 🙂
But I can say that I’m really happy and fulfilled!
For example, in my twenties, like many girls, I was searching for something and never been fully satisfied. First enlightenment I felt in longer touch with nature (in my case the best is planting and spending time close to the sea- best is in my garden). Nature is for me in some way perfect remedy, a battery of positive energy, great relaxation, and joy.

Second enlightenment in my life happened when I became a mommy.

I love the fashion and everything related to beauty, but for me, it’s little superficial and annoying taking pictures in new clothes and to put them online every day. There are hundreds of blogs like that, so it is hard to see anything new. Also, I don’t like to spend too much money on my clothes, most of it I buy on eBay (the fastest and the cheapest but fashionable). I don’t live luxury, and I don’t promote luxury life, do not be fooled by my poses and places. I live in beautiful Medditerian, so it’s easy to find beautiful places and make nice photos.

I’ll write interesting posts for women, especially mothers who are occupied with everyday worries and lack of the time but still want to look beautiful and fit. I’ll share with you lots of tips and recipes. If you follow them, you will always be in shape and fit, and believe me – never hungry.

My healthy eating key is that I avoid processed, refined foods and I believe in intuitive eating.

I want to share the experience of my life with you, and if my attitudes can help YOU, my mission is fulfilled. Love you all!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at lifebeautification@gmail.com

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