Select a useful hobby to beautify your life and to inspire your family and friends!

Have you ever thought how it would be wonderful to turn a hobby into the job, profession?

Yes, there are few who succeeded, if it’s you, then you’re really lucky!

However, life is something completely different, when we started to study and we need to choose life’s calling, it is often a time when we don’t know what we want. Personally, I changed more titles and it would be perfect if you can change them during your whole life, to always study, to always improve yourself.

Let’s talk about the hobby, something beautiful that makes us happy during our small leisure time. It is the time that we separate from the rest of the day, so when we subtract the time for work, housework, cooking and needed sleep, time for our family, children, partner, friends, how much time we have just for us, not much, right?

So be careful how you spend your free time, it’s precious, as you get older, you realize you don’t want to toss your time.

That should be something we do to charge our batteries, something that makes us happy. If your whole free time is filled with lying on the couch, watching TV; though that may be necessary sometimes, it’s not good. It means you don’t have a hobby. Also, TV and news portals are full of superficial news, irrelevant people and it can get away from your positive quality habits, that can numb you.

You need to know to choose which news to read, which TV shows to watch, and it’s not easy in a pile of everything that is offered today.


But the worst time spent is sometimes necessary – it is shopping without which we, unfortunately, can not live. We have to buy food, especially fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish; but we can reduce the purchase of clothing, footwear, especially because almost all brands have their own Web Shops.

The following “losing free time” is sitting in cafes in the smoky area and then nights out mixed with alcohol. Ok, that fine in your twenties, but after that, it should be the exception, not an everyday habit. So when we get through this stage, we should come to a higher level when we’ll be doing well for ourselves.

The next step is taking care of yourself, your health, exercise.

Today’s trend Gym is not the healthiest choice. Many men exaggerated with pumping their muscles and spending time in the closed, stuffy Gyms. Ok, it’s certainly better than just laying on the sofa and watching some stupid TV show or sitting at the computer reading some irrelevant news. I know many women who are very unhappy because their partners, husbands spend too much time in the gym. After that “in love” phase passed the woman obviously does not fascinate only your muscles. Well, if you neglect them, or your commitments with family, it will quickly become your hobby enemy. Similar happened with a friend who loved dancing, and her beloved after a while realized that she prefers dancing more than him, he just fled. Therefore, should not be exaggerated.

Hobbies shouldn’t make people around you unhappy because it can happen to be left alone, you and your hobby. When the hobby is your job, then it’s completely different and your partner should have a much more understanding because this is from what you live, what’s profitable. Your hobby is your job so you have enough free time you can spend with your loved.

What is the best and most useful hobby it’s something that will make you happy, that makes you richer in spirit and physically healthy. It means that at the same time you are doing something that makes you happy and something useful for your body and you’re getting something for your living! It is not selfish hobbies, so if you do not exaggerate, that’s top ones!

Top hobbies would, therefore, be fishing, scuba diving, hunting, gardening and anything creative.

Be creative!

Do something creative, anything!
Picture 009

If you’re good at singing, sing! Dance, compose songs, play some instrument, draw, paint, sculpt, write, write poetry, reportage, make movies, no matter how well, just do it! You will feel better, you’ll feel capable, rich, but rich inside, you’ll see how your soul grows. And everybody around you will notice that!

Inspire people around you, your children and your partner!

If you are single, see what hobbies have your potential partner, it says a lot about his/her personality!

With this types of hobbies those who truly love you will be even more proud of you!!! And you might inspire them to love and practice your hobby too and to live a better life!

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